Curious about how the others did on the test

How many quizz?

tests have been taken so far!

picture flatlay bag

What for?

picture models shoes

Addicted to shopping and Test


of user have taken the test multiple times.

Someone even took 12 times the test!

I bet she/he can buy the bag now!

picture clothes hanging


answered no the the first question: Do you really like it?


took the test when having doubts about buying and item online...


said they've been into the item because of an influencer.

Not so influencing after all...


got a positive answer!

97 tests where ended before the end...


of tests failed to this question:

Do you need it?

This is the highest ending rate of the test!

What's your favorite ending gif?

jessica williams reaction

Really?! Why do you take the test then?!

Britney Spears applause

I appreciate your honesty. Honesty made you save cash for something better.

Maya Rudolf no

Don't buy it.

obama reaction

Jeez! Don't buy it.

treat yo self gif

Why do you have doubts about buying it! Buy the bag!

beyonce life is short

Life is short, buy the bag.