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Should I buy the bag, the shoes, the dress?

We all been there, wondering if we should buy that magnificient piece of fashion knowing deep inside that we really shouldn't, for many reasons.

The quizz here will guide you during your shopping crisis by asking couple of questions. Those you should really ask yourself before considering shopping, especially if you have doubts.


The idea came up when a friend of mine was harrasing us with the same question about a branded bag: 'Should I buy the bag?!'. My answer couldn't be anything else than 'That's your life, your money, decide for yourself'.

Too harsh. Having attitude wouldn't be the best. I've sent her a decision diagram about buying the bag or not. Do you like it? Do you really want it? Can you afford it?

Plot twist : she bought the bag.

Later, I realised we all face that situation where we need to ask ourself the good questions. And here it is, the quizz which will get you out of a shopping crisis. My attitude on top.

You'll thank me later.


Are the questions proven scientifically and psychologicaly efficient?

No. Still, when you have a doubt, you turn to your friends for advice and not all friends are good advisers. Am I a good adviser? Please.

Is this only for women?


Is the quizz will unconditionnaly tell you not to buy stuffs?

No, not really but start the quizz, you'll find out.

Is the quizz responsible for your bad shopping choices?

No, be a grown up, be responsible for yourself.


They completed the test and we can tell a lot of stuff about your shopping habbits now.

Curious? I bet you are!

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Made with by Anaïs, your friend with attitude. You'll thank me later.
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